How Big Is a Twin Mattress?

One of the key factors in getting a good rest is making sure that you have enough space to relax fully. So the size of the mattress you choose definitely matters. Most people make a mistake in buying a mattress that is too small for them.

In making a decision on what size you need, you have to consider your situation.

Is the user tall or short? Are you looking for a mattress your kids can share? What is the user’s sleeping habit? Does he sleep solo? Where will you put it? In a small room or a shared room?

Then, twin mattress is the perfect mattress you’re looking for. But how big is a twin size mattress?

The Twin Mattress is the most common mattress for solo sleepers. It is the smallest bed available in the market that both children and adults can use. Because of its narrow width, it easily fits in small areas. Most homeowners prefer twin mattress in their guest rooms.

It provides just enough room for a single person to stretch and sleep the way he wants to. It is also called Single and Bunk mattress. For taller people, the Twin XL is also available. The following are some details for you to know how big is a twin mattress.

Dimensions Depend on the Manufacturer

If you googled “what size is a twin mattress,” you’d probably get the most typical size of a twin size mattress which is 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length (97cmx 191 cm).

This is the size manufactured in the United States and Canada. The Twin Extra Long Mattress is five inches longer than the standard, perfect for tall people. However, the sizes of twin mattresses differ from other countries.

So if you ordered online from international mattress sellers, make sure to check the size of the mattresses they sell.

Manufacturers of mattresses around the world set different dimensions for their mattresses. This is because of their target market and the materials they used.

Some countries have smaller people compared to most western countries. But do not worry; they only differ in a few inches because some manufacturers simply add a few inches of padding and some use thicker materials to support the mattress.

The twin size mattress in Europe and Australia is just a few inches shorter than the US. Manufacturers in Thailand, Singapore, and Japan enlarge their twin mattresses for about 2-4 inches in length and 4 inches width.

Space You Need to Sleep Soundly Relies on the Size

How wide is a Twin Size Bed? Generally, the twin size mattress is 15 inches narrower than a full mattress.

This means it is only designed for a single adult sleeper. Couples will find it very hard to sleep in this bed because a person needs to at least have 5 inches of space from someone to sleep comfortably.

The length of a twin mattress is suitable for people up to 5’9” in height. This is considering the 10-15 centimeters rule that experts believe is the allowance that should be added to your height if you’re looking for the mattress that suits you.

Taller people can get the Twin XL mattress so they can sleep soundly without worrying about their feet jutting out or having knee cramps from too much crouching.

Who Should Buy a Twin Size Mattress

Now that you know how long is a twin mattress, compare it with the height of the sleeper. Where are you installing it? Who are you buying it for? The Twin mattress is called “twin” for a good reason – two mattresses can fit in a regular sized room.

This set up is ideal for twins or siblings sharing a room but do not want to sleep side by side. Most bunk beds or double decks are also constructed based on how long and how wide is a twin mattress.

That’s why dorms and hostels prefer to use twin mattress due to its size. Some hospitals also prefer single mattresses for their patients.

The twin size mattress is also designed to fit one adult and one child. So it is the ideal bed for children and teenagers aged 4-17. The extra space for little children may be used for parents when tucking them in or when reading a bedtime story.

Two 4-7-year-old siblings can even fit in one twin mattress. By the time your children grow, you’ll be sure that you’ve maximized the use of the Twin Mattress you will choose.


Twin size beds are really suitable for solo sleepers and growing children. But if you need a bigger bed and all you have are single mattresses, you can merge two twin mattresses side by side to have an instant king sized mattress.

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