How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

How often should you change your mattress? Common knowledge says that you should replace your old mattress with a new one every five years. For the National Sleep Foundation, a good mattress can last from nine to ten years.


But it’s not as easy as that. Some mattresses are manufactured really good that some can last for around 15 years and still give the sleeper a comfortable sleep. While some use their beds irregularly, so the integrity of the mattress remains.

On the other hand, there are also mattresses that easily give up providing support and comfort in less than 5 years, especially when it was used rampantly or when children make turn it into a trampoline.

If you want to know how often should you replace your mattress without relying on common knowledge, we recommend you to assess your relationship with your mattress by answering some of these questions.

1. How Is Your Sleep in the Mattress You’re Currently Using?

Do wake up every morning sore all over? How about Stiff? Do you experience back pain? If you’re in perfect health condition, but you experience these problems, it's time to change your mattress.

Research at Oklahoma State University proved that people who switch to a new bed after five years had a better sleep and less back pain.

As time goes by, the overall mattress support and paddings degrade, losing its ability to give comfort to the sleeper. Try comparing your sleep in a different bed to make sure that the bed is really the problem.

Conversely, if you just bought a new mattress and you’re not comfortable with it, think of changing it too. And ensure that in the process of looking for the replacement, try the beds first before paying.

2. What’s the Situation of Your Mattress?

Check the overall condition of your mattress. First, remove all sheets, pillows, protectors and other layers covering the mattress. Look closely at the mattress and observe the changes it has gone through since you last saw it (probably for years) Is it already lumpy?

Does it have damage? Does it have signs of wear and tear? Does it sag in the middle where both you and your spouse sleep? Answering positively in all these questions affirm that it is possibly time to change the mattress.

For years, natural materials may amass in the mattress that can cause degradation to the foam. Also, if you sleep in your favorite spot over and over for years, the bed’s performance can decline rapidly on the part of the overused spot.

3. Do You Sleep Better on the Couch or a Recliner and Not in Your Own Bed?

When you find that hotel beds or even the couch are much better to sleep in than in your own bed, then it may be time to replace your mattress.

This means it’s really not you, it’s the mattress. And the one you’ve got home is not properly doing its job of bringing you comfort. Replace the mattress already.

4. Can You Recall the Last Time You Bought a Mattress?

You’re lying on that old mattress of yours, and you realized you do not know the exact year you bought it. How many presidents have passed? If it were more than a decade ago, a replacement would be timely.

And considering that new mattresses that are high tech and ergonomically manufactured are invented every now and then, your body will surely benefit from the change of mattress.

Also, your body may have changed over the past years. Maybe you gained weight, or you’re now sleeping with somebody, then you need to buy a new one for your own good.

5. Do Your Children Still Fit in Their Beds?

When your kids are small, sure, they fit in a twin size bed or even in bunkers. But as they grow older, bigger and taller, you will find that the mattress’ length is not enough.

To avoid your kids from getting cramps from trying to fit in a small bed, or from falling off their beds, replace their old size mattress with a larger one- a full size is a standard for solo sleepers.

6. How Often Do You Rotate or Flip It?

Have tried turning the mattress or flipping it upside down? Sometimes, the overused side gets lumpy, but the other side can still be as good as new regarding performance.

However, when you already flipped and rotated it but still give you bad mornings. You badly need a replacement.


Now you know how often should you change your mattress, take a hint and do what’s right so you can sleep better at night. If you liked this article, we’d appreciate it if you share it your friends.

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