How Big Is a Queen Size Mattress?

Your bed is your retreat from the daily grind of life. An average person spends one-third of his life in his mattress. So if you’re living up to 75 years old, expect to live 25 years of your life sleeping on a mattress you choose.


If you’re looking for a mattress that would give you great sleep, having enough space to sleep the way you want to matters. Whether you move a lot when you sleep, or you share a bed with someone, the size of the mattress you’re probably looking for is the queen size.

You might be wondering, how big is a queen size mattress? And what are the dimensions of a queen size mattress?

Most people are confused with the sizes of beds available in the market. Some cannot differentiate between the queen size and others sizes such the king size and single.

Most ask “how big is a queen mattress”? What are the dimensions of a queen size mattress? How wide is a queen mattress?

For starters, a queen size mattress is the most popular size out of all mattress sizes because it can provide enough space for a couple or two individuals to sleep in comfort.

Its length is similar with a king sized bed, but the width is narrower. To learn more about the specifications of a queen size mattress, familiarize yourself with the details provided below.

How Queen Size Mattresses Vary from Country to Country?

If you want to know what size is a queen mattress, you should first know what country it was manufactured from. Size for mattresses is not globally standardized.

Manufacturers of mattresses in different countries set specific dimensions for mattress sizes from single to the king size due to the various processes they employed...

Amount of padding, the thickness of materials and the support they built the mattresses with. But the difference is only a few centimeters or inches from each other.

In the US, the standard size of queen mattress is 60 inches in width, and 80 inches in height (152 cm × 203 cm) but other manufacturers in different states make some variations.

The California Queen Bed, although already obsolete, is four inches long which is perfect for tall people.

On the other hand, the Expanded Queen bed or what’s popularly called the Olympic sized bed is six inches wider, very much suitable for large couples. The dimensions of queen size beds in Australia and New Zealand are similar to the US.

In European countries, the queen size mattress is very small at 47 inches in width and 77 inches in height, similar to small double size bed manufactured in the US.

In Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand or Singapore, the dimensions of a queen size mattress is 2-5 inches shorter in length compared to beds manufactured in western countries.

Apparently, mattress manufacturers base the distinction of mattress sizes based on the specifications of their clientele, or the average size of people living in the countries.

The Space Queen Size Mattress Offers Sleepers

According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average height of an American man is 69.3 inches. So queen size mattresses can accommodate taller people based on its 80-inch length.

How wide is a queen size mattress? A queen mattress that is 60-66 inches wide can offer a couple 30 inches each of sleeping space. This means they both have more than 3 inches more sleeping space than a double bed, comfortable enough for both.

This area also gives the sleepers the best opportunity to get close and make their relationship healthier. Studies have shown that sleeping only a few inches apart makes a happy couple.

Why Buy a Queen Size Mattress?

Queen size mattresses often cost more than the price of full-size or twin beds, but it is less pricey when compared to the king size.

And considering that it lets two average sized people sleep comfortably and its size accommodates most sizes of adults made it as the most popularly bought bed size in the US.

In fact, a study conducted by Sleep Products Association proved that 32 percent of market shares of mattress companies are from the sales of Queen size beds.

Since it’s ubiquitous, buyers also find it easy to find appropriate beddings and bed sheets that fit the queen size mattress.

Newly wedded couples starting to plan their home can benefit from the queen size mattress. Couples with small master bedroom and guest rooms often prefer queen size mattresses in their beds.

Most hotels usually choose this size of the mattress for their beds because aside from providing great comfort most average size people, it very easy to find.


Knowing how big a queen mattress will make choosing the right mattress for you and your sleeping style easy.

Whether you’re sleeping alone or with someone, you can never go wrong with a Queen Size mattress. It simply offers enough comfort and space for you and your partner to sleep soundly.

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