How to Get Urine out of Your Mattress?

If you have children, you probably experienced googling how to get urine out of a mattress or how to get urine smell out of mattress at one point in your life as a parent. Nocturnal Enuresis or simply called “bedwetting” is an issue most families around the world face every evening.


Do not worry. Almost all kids have experienced this embarrassing moment in their growing up years. Maybe you did too. And it’s completely normal. Before we delve into the specifics on how to remove urine from mattress, it’s best to remember that kids do not wet their beds consciously.

A lot of times, experts believe that it may have been caused by deep sleep – the stage of sleep where the brain cannot respond to stimulus telling the body when it is about to pee. At times, it can be triggered by stress.

Although it’s kind of frustrating for a parent most of the time, patience, and a good cleaning technique is the only way to get through this. We know it is tedious but knowing how to clean urine from a mattress easily can bring you comfort in this trying times.

Naturally, prevention is the best way to deal with it. Kids often put off going to the bathroom especially when they’re doing interesting stuff. Just make sure your children take a leak every now and then by simply reminding them.

Have them use the bathroom before going to sleep. Building this everyday habit may prevent your mattress from the horrors of bedwetting. Whether we like it or not, bed wetting may happen.

And the smell and icky stains can only be removed by knowing how to clean urine from mattress and how to get pee smell out of mattress.

All you need are cleaning materials you can easily find in your pantry and under your sinks such as baking soda, borax, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and water.

But before learning how to remove urine from mattress, you must first know the status of the urine stains in your mattress. Has it been wet recently or have the stains been there for years?

Get Urine out of a Mattress While It Is Still Wet

If it is a newly wet bed, immediately remove the urine by following the steps below:

  • With a sponge, blot up the urinated areas as quickly as you can. Repeat the process several times until the sponge gets saturated. Wring out the excess urine in the sink or an empty bucket.
  • Dilute vinegar or hydrogen peroxide in water and spray it all over the urinated areas. This way, you will know how to get pee smell out of a mattress.
  • Let it dry by turning on the fan, opening the window so the sunshine can dry the area completely. You can also try getting the mattress out in the sun for at least 4 hours.

Remove Already Dried and Stained Urine from Mattress

Maybe the kids got too shy to report the bed wetting incident, or you’re too busy to notice. Nonetheless, urine can actually stain the mattress after two to three wetting instances.

And if left for months, the stain can get stubbornly hard to remove, and the smell can be unbearable. Here are some ways on how to remove urine smell from mattress:

The Borax Solution

  • First, spray some water all over the stained areas just enough to get it wet. This way, you can dilute the smell, and the stain will soften.
  • Second, sprinkle the borax all over the stains. Make sure you cover all the areas with stains with borax. This can also remove the odor. In using borax, just be careful not to ingest it and wash your hands immediately after you use it. The issue on whether or not borax is toxic is still ongoing. Nevertheless, being careful probably won’t hurt anyone.
  • Next, wear rubber gloves and rub the borax against the mattress. Focus on those brown and yellowish stains.
  • After you notice that the stains lighten and the smell lessened, leave it to dry in a ventilated room or outside during a sunny day.
  • Lastly, once dried for at least 2-4 hours, vacuum the excess powder. If you’re outside, you can brush out the borax powder with a scrub.

The Baking Soda Fix

  • First, saturate the mattress with vinegar in a spray bottle. Some people add a drop or two of essential oils, so the firm smell of vinegar will go away. Spray with vinegar not just the stains, but every area of the mattress for it to get slightly wet, not dripping wet.
  • Next, use a rag to pat excess dry vinegar on the mattress
  • Third, sprinkle the baking soda throughout the mattress. Some people use sifters to evenly spread the baking soda and prevent clumps. But if you do not want to bother, your hands are enough to prevent the baking soda from clumping.
  • Next, with a rag, rub the baking soda thoroughly over the areas with stains.
  • Then leave the baking soda to sit on the mattress for 3-4 hours. You’ll notice the baking soda will start to cake as it reacts with the vinegar.
  • Once dried, use a vacuum to remove the baking soda.
  • If you’ve done the process and you still see some stubborn stains, just rub some vinegar over it using an old toothbrush.

The Instant Stain Concoction

  • With the help of a funnel, mix 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide (3%), 1 drop of dishwashing liquid and 2 table spoons of baking soda in a spray bottle.
  • Shake the spray bottle and spray it liberally all over the mattress. In a few minutes, you’ll notice the stain disappearing.
  • Lastly, leave it dry under the sun or with a fan.

Final Thoughts

These steps on how to clean a mattress with urine are straightforward to follow. You can also use any of these methods if you want to know how to get cat pee out of mattress.

If you find this article enlightening, kindly share it with your friends so they would also learn how to get urine out of a mattress.

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