Easy and Effective Way to Patch Air Mattress Today!

You have just spent the day driving from one shopping mall to another, or probably swimming with your kids. It is time for that good night’s rest. Then suddenly, you begin to feel the floor come up from underneath you and, the air mattress you love has sprung a leak.


Try not to be excessively troubled about it because there are ways on how to patch an air mattress. If your air mattress has sprung a leak, you are perhaps planning to spend some cash for a new one. 

In any case, don’t worry, because procedure on how to repair an air mattress is very stress-free particularly if you have the appropriate kits and a precise set of directions to follow.

Most air mattresses in the market come with a repair tools. You don’t need to worry if you have lost your repair kit. Just prepare a handy spray container with some soapy solution...

Dishwashing detergent is recommended, – pair of scissors to cut your cover to size, a permanent pen, and quality adhesive patch for those holes and rips.

1. Correct Type of Patches

Before you begin the procedure on how to fix hole in air mattress, you must first make certain that you hold the right variety of patches for the work.

Most mattresses come complete with repair patches, but if no repair kits were included with your package, you can buy them at almost any shops that retails air mattresses.

Be sure not to continue any further until you are certain you have acquired the correct type of patches for your air mattress.

Keep in mind this spray does not kill ants: it will only remove the scent so ants outside your home won’t be able to smell the scent.

2. Trace the Source of the Air Mattress Leak

After you have gathered the proper equipment for the task, you can proceed with the next step on how to fix air mattress hole, which is locating the source of the air mattress’s leak.

Locating the cause of a small, gradual air mattress leak is often the hardest part of the leak repairing procedure.

Air mattresses practically never blow out totally. Instead, air mattress drain for some time – especially when the owner is putting pressure on them while asleep.

Inspecting the Valves

  • Take away bedding and sheets from the air bed. You will not be able to see tears or holes in the mattress with the sheets and bedding on. Place the bedding and sheets to a safe area, away from the place where you will check for leaks.
  • Move the air bed to an area where you have space to move. You need to go around the air bed, flip it as well as inflate it. If you’re camping it’s a good notion to do step inside your tent away from noise and breezes. Be sure you have sufficient light as you need to see well to look for leaks.
  • Fill the bed with air, without endangering the bed bursting. Mattresses are not intended to inflate using high pressure equipment such as compressor. You can use an air pump to fill the air mattress. Don’t overinflate your air mattress. Most companies caution that overinflating can cause the air mattress to burst.
  • Inspect the valve of the air mattress. It’s good to do this step before examining the rest of the air bed since the valve is the main cause of leaks and holes. Doing this first before proceeding with the next procedure on how to fix an air mattress seam can save you time rather than looking for holes using other approaches since valves are most common source of leaks.

Checking the Air Mattress

  • Examine the air bed visually. You can follow this step on how to repair an air mattress with the bed still fully inflated. Be sure you visibly inspect the layers of the air mattress, as this is a main area for tears.
  • Run your hand gently along the exterior of the bed. Normally, you may feel the fleeing air brush against your hand. You can also wet your palm with cold water. Escaping air will rise the evaporation level from your skin making it feel colder.
  • Apply pressure to the air mattress with your hand and listen closely for leaks. Escaping air will also make a hissing sound.
  • Mark the leak with piece of tape or a permanent pen. Once you trace one leak, check the rest of the air mattress. You may find more than one tear or hole contributing to the air leak.

Using the Dish Soap Method

  • Put a small amount of liquid soap to a spray container of warm water. Blend thoroughly to guarantee that you acquire an even quantity of soap around the entire mattress. If you a spray bottle is not available, soapy wet rag can be used. A small sponge wet with bubble soap or soapy water will likewise work for this technique.
  • Wipe or spray across the valve. Escaping air will make bubbles form on the surface of the mattress. Make sure your air bed is fully inflated.
  • Spray the exterior of the air mattress thoroughly. The leak will be seen with soap bubbles.
  • Mark the leak with piece of tape or a permanent pen. Once you trace one leak, check the rest of the air mattress. You may find more than one tear or hole contributing to the air leak.

3. Start Patching the Leak

One you have acquired the right type of repair patches and located the source of your air mattress's leak, you’re now ready to follow the next step on how to patch air mattress. Begin by firmly placing the patch over the area with leak.

Most repair covers have an adhesive-coated surface that allows them to stay securely in place.

Repair patches will entail the help of duct tape to be able to stay in place, but its adhesive-coated side should more than enough to make it in place.

After the air leak has been correctly patched, inflate the mattress fully and put your palm around the mattress to check for air escaping.

Once there’s no air leaking from your air mattress, you are all done with the steps on how to repair an air mattress.


Regardless which part may be at responsible, repair can normally be done to air mattress when damaged or when it has sprung a leak. All you need to do is carefully follow the steps on how to patch an air mattress.

In a condition where the source of the concern is due to the manufacturing of the air mattress, you should consider calling them for a reimbursement, exchange or repair through the warranty course if applicable.

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