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How to Get Urine out of Your Mattress?

How to Get Urine out of Your Mattress?

If you have children, you probably experienced googling how to get urine out of a mattress or how to get urine smell out of mattress at one point in your life as a parent. Nocturnal Enuresis or simply called “bedwetting” is an issue most families around the world face every evening.

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12 Different Sleeping Positions

12 Different Sleeping Positions

The pillow hugger. The back sleeper. The soldier. Whatever name you call the best sleeping positions, a quality evening sleep is very important for our overall wellbeing. In general, the best sleeping position is the one that permits...

you to have the greatest rapid eye movement sleep or what is commonly known as REM sleep. All phases of the sleep sequence are significant, but REM sleep is considered to be the most curative and important for memory retention.

Furthermore, sleeping positions may also addressed some health concerns such as neck pain, lower back pain, and poor digestions.

Sleeping Positions for Better Health

1. On the Back

Sleeping can be difficult when your lower back pains. You toss and turn, then it hurts. If this is your condition, try to position your spine in a neutral spot-not curved a lot, but not so very flat either.

​This is considered as best sleeping position for lower back pain as it takes pressure off your back.

Sleeping facing the ceiling is also recommended for avoiding acid reflux. Just be certain to use a cushion that supports and elevates your head well—you want your abdominal to be lower your esophagus to avert acid or food from coming up your gastral tract.

2. On Your Side

This is known to be the best sleeping position for neck pain position since your spine is elongated. Moreover, you are less probable to snore in this sleeping posture, because it preserves airways open.

For this purpose, it is also the best option for those people with sleep apnea. If you rest on your side, you normally need a thicker cushion than back sleepers to guarantee your head and neck are positioned in the mid of your shoulders.

The width of your shoulders and your height will help define the kind of pad you need. If you are broad-shouldered you will need a denser pillow than if you are petite.

3. In the Fetal Posture

With 41% of adults taking this position, it’s the most prevalent sleeping posture. A slack, fetal position—especially on the left side—is best position to sleep during pregnancy. This position improves blood circulation and prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver.

This position is also good for those who snore. But sleeping in a fetal posture that is curled up too closely can limit breathing in the diaphragm. This can make you feel a little sore in the morning, particularly if you have joints or back arthritis.

Prevent these distresses by flattening out your body, instead of placing your jaw into your chest and lugging your knees up high. Strain on your hips can also be reduced by placing a cushion between your knees.

But did you know that aside from health benefits, your sleeping position can also say a lot about your personality? Below are the different sleeping positions and what they mean:

1. The Soldier

You are a confident and quiet individual and create great demands of yourself and high expectations from people around you. You are very structures and you take yourself very seriously.

2. The Yearner

This is a variation of the fetal position and is preferred by 13% of people. You are yearner if you sleep with your legs a little bent and your head slightly slanting towards the center of your pillow.

Moreover, your arms are normally stretched forward as though you are reaching for something. You’re an open nature but you may also be suspicious and cynical. Although you are slow to come up with a decision, once your mind is made up you seldom change it.

3. The Starfish

This position is when you rest on your back with your legs and arms spread out. If you prefer this unusual sleeping style then you are considered a very loyal comrade, and you make your friends a huge importance in your life.

You are very patient and a great listener. You love hearing the difficulties of others, and make way to support when you can.

4. The Free Fall

You enjoy resting on your stomach, with your head twisted to either side or your hands near your pillow. You are a free personality kind.

You are very sociable person and can also be impatient some times. Although you show such a free spirit, you are secretly anxious on the inside and you are sensitive to criticism.

5. The Log

This position is when you sleep on one side with your arms extended downward. If you sleep on this position then you are trusting in nature. You enjoy social events and you are an easy-going person who likes to be part of the gathering.

Since you have identified the meaning of various sleeping positions as individual, you may also be interested on the best sleeping position for couples and what it means.

1. The Guardian Angel

Do you rest facing each other? Then you are new couples or need connectedness, closeness, and mutual security. Only about four in a hundred pairs sleep in this position.

2. The Honeymoon Hug

This position includes sleeping face to face with your partner your with legs and arms tangled. This is the considered the most intimate sleeping position.

It’s a common sleeping position after lovemaking, but a hard position to keep for the entire night. Many pairs stop sleeping in this posture after the early ‘honeymoon phase’.

3. The Spooners

This is a very common sleep position for partners. Both individuals assume a semi-fetal posture with the other one pressing his or her front body against the back of his or her partner. This position clearly represents a feeling of safety and trust between lovers.

4. Back to Back Sleepers

This sleep position usually means positive. It indicates that the pair has a sexual tie, especially if their feet or bottoms touch. However, they are both self-assured and independent in nature.

If this position is not a usual sleeping posture for you and your partner and occurs suddenly, then it could be an indication that there’s a tension or fury brewing.


If you have not been sleeping fine and need to try the best sleeping positions, be patient. A custom like that may take a while to modify, especially if you have been sleeping the same way for several years.

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