How Big Is a King Size Mattress? Should You Buy One?

The bed is the centerpiece in every bedroom. That’s why if you have a huge bedroom, do not restrict yourself from buying the biggest mattress in existence – the king size mattress.


It is the most spacious mattress of all mattresses around allowing a maximum of three adults to sleep comfortably.

Even your whole family can sleep on it. You wouldn’t have to worry whether you’re tall, short, fat or you move a lot while sleeping. With a king size bed, you’ll be sleeping like a king. If you want to know how big is a king size mattress, then read on.

There are three kinds of king size mattress – the Standard King mattress, the California King mattress and the Grand/ Super/ Athletic/ Texas King Mattress.

The standard king mattress, also called the eastern king is similar to two twin beds joined together. The California King is also popularly known as the western king.

Dimensions of a King Size Mattress

The Standard King Mattress made in the US, Canada, and Australia is 76 inches in width and 80 inches in height. It’s nearly a square. Manufacturers in different countries differ in their king mattresses sizes just a few inches in length and width.

Asian manufacturers make mattresses with dimensions a few inches more or less than 72”x77” - almost near a square. So if you ordered online from international mattress sellers, make sure to check the size of the mattresses they sell.

Manufacturers of mattresses around the world differ in measurements because of their target market and the materials they used.

Some countries have smaller people compared to most western countries. At times, manufacturers only add a few inches of padding, and some use thicker materials to support the mattress.

California King Mattress

The California King Size mattress is the most popular king mattress because it is longer than the standard king by 4 inches. It is the ideal mattress for taller people beyond 6 feet in height.

However, it is 4 inches narrower. Anyway, it is still 6 inches wider than a queen mattress. This space gives larger couples enough room to cuddle or sleep uninterrupted. The actual dimensions are 72”x84”. That’s how big is a California king mattress.

Last but not the least, the Grand/ Super/ Athletic/ Texas King Mattress, tops all mattresses with its enormous dimension of 80”× 98”.

For those asking “how big is a king mattress” this is the biggest of all mattresses. Even five people can peacefully sleep in this humongous space.

Personal Sleeping Space

The California mattress can give couples the optimal space for just about anything, even making your dog or children occasionally sleep with you. There is literally more room for a third person in a king size bed.

Since king size mattress is around 16 inches wider than a queen size mattress, it offers each individual 38 inches of personal sleeping space. For couples, this means each has 8 inches more personal space than what a queen mattress can provide.

Where Should You Put a King Size Mattress?

The King size mattress is the ideal size for homes with big rooms. The room size for this mattress should be around 10’ x 12’ – 13’ x 13’.

For a California King Mattress, we recommend that your room size should be around 12’ x 12’ – 14’ x 12’. Just make sure you have enough walking space in the room.

Who Should Buy a King Size Mattress?

King size mattress is the best choice for the couples who take delight in the full comfort and sleeping space it gives. It is also ideal for couples who like to share the bed with their new-born or their toddlers.

If you’re a pet lover, you will find that there’s enough room for your dog to snuggle with you if you have a king mattress.

For taller people, California or the Grand King Mattress is suitable for you. Just make sure that the size of your room can accommodate the dimension of this massive bed.

Indeed, choosing the most fitting mattress size for you and your family is very important. A mattress is a vital investment as it can last for years.

Finding the proper mattress dimension can also help have an effect on your body and overall help. You won't be comfortable if the bed is too small for you. You wouldn’t either if it is too large for you.

Buying the correct mattress will benefit not just your back, shoulders, spine, and the neck region, but also your relationship with your spouse at times. The space the mattress provides can affect a couple’s sleeping habit and closeness.


Just ensure the 10-15 centimeter rule that you should add to your height when choosing a mattress. The proper knowledge of the mattress size will guide you in the choice of the one with the generous space for you and your partner to move freely.

Now that you know how big is a king mattress, we would appreciate it if you share this knowledge with your friends.

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