8 Effective Tips to Prevent Snoring

If you have shared a bed or shared a room with a snoring person, then you have an idea of how irritating snoring can be, especially if you are struggling to get some sleep. Snoring involves the condition of producing an odd type of sound when you are breathing especially during sleeping.


​Research argues that a larger percentage of men snore compared to women. Snoring is considered as a medical sleep disorder. It may have very serious social and health implications. Marriage breakages based on either of the couples snoring have been witnessed.

The psychological trauma of being made the laughing stock in a social institution like school or university is also possible. This necessity to stop or to prevent snoring is huge. Here are some tips to help you with that;​

1. Use the Right Sleeping Posture

It is recommended for the people who snore that you sleep on your side. This way you are less likely to snore. Sleeping on your back may be helpful and healthy for good spinal development.

However, it is widely known that snoring mainly occurs when a person sleeps on his or her back. Sleeping on your stomach is however not recommended because it may cause a lot of pressure and strain on your neck muscles.

Therefore, the perfect posture that will help you avoid snoring during your sleep is by lying on your side, besides; it is also healthy to your spine and neck.

2. Stop Smoking

Another tip to avoid or prevent snoring in men is to stop smoking or avoid smoking at all. The smoke from cigarettes affects the lung capacity and clogs the trachea and bronchus which are essential airways.

This results in breathing difficulties especially at night during sleep. This results to snoring in the long run.

3. Avoid Alcohol & Sleeping Pills

Alcohol and sleeping pills are major causes of snoring. To prevent snoring, men should avoid taking alcohol and high dosage of tranquilizers. Sleeping pills are designed to relax body muscles, especially around the brain.

Excessive intake of these pills can lead to high relaxation of the brain cells, throat muscles and the general respiratory system making breathing problematic at times.

This often results into gasping for breath during sleep which eventually leads to snoring in men. For lasting solution to snoring, men should avoid alcohol at all costs and explore better ways of muscle relaxation like sports, and exercises.

4. Resolve Allergies

Getting your allergies medically resolved is also crucial for men who wish to stop snoring. Some allergies, especially those that affect the respiratory system, may cause blockage of the nasal cavity thus forcing the man to use his mouth for breathing.

This often results into snoring. Some doctors may recommend antihistamine dosages for this but getting the allergy treated once and for all will be a lasting solution to your snoring problems.

5. Using Mouth Guard

Using a mouth guard will also help you to prevent snoring. Though not a lasting solution, mouth guards are very useful for short term remedies to snoring. Mouth guards prevent the man’s jaws from being over relaxed by holding his teeth together.

This prevents him from using his mouth to breathe while sleeping eventually preventing him from snoring.

6. Keep Head Slightly Elevated

Keeping your head slightly elevated while sleeping will also help you stop snoring. This will ensure the respiratory channels remain open when you sleep. It is recommended that you raise the entire upper body.

Raising the head only using pillows may not be effective and may strain your neck and spinal code.

7. Regular Sleeping Time

You can also prevent snoring by simply following a regular sleeping time limit. You should set and follow a regular going-to-bed time and set waking up a time to achieve this. Above all ensure you get enough sleep each day.

8. Seek Medical Help

The last option is always to seek medical help from a qualified doctor. Intense cases of snoring often indicate that you may be suffering from a sleep disorder called Sleep Apnea.

This is associated with choking feeling, gasping for air when you wake up and stopping breathing sometimes when asleep.

This may be fatal in the long run. Sleep Apnea can be treated through surgery or by using CPAP machine which pumps air into your throat. By applying these tips, you may ensure sound sleep.